Goat's Cheese

We would argue that our goat’s cheese is the best goat’s cheese. Yes, we are definitely biased, but with the love and care that goes into farming our own goat’s to produce high quality milk to make the cheese, and the numerous awards our cheeses have won - it’s clear why we say it.

White Lake Cheese


What Is Rachel? Gold Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020                                                  ...
White Lake Cheese

Driftwood 215g

What Is Driftwood? Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 Silver Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020 1 Star Great Taste Awards 2020 Driftwood is a beautifully creamy and soft textured cheese. Dusted in ash,...
White Lake Cheese


What Is Katherine? The size of this cheese gives it slightly more depth and is matured for 3 months resulting in a more robust flavour and becoming ‘fruitier’ with age. Katherine is also regularly washed...
White Lake Cheese

Baby Katherine

What Is Baby Katherine? Baby Katherine is a smaller individual hard cheese matured over approximately 2 months and regularly washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. This cheese is firm in texture with a complex and savoury...
White Lake Cheese

Michael's Mount 100g

Slightly underweight at 100g. What Is Michael's Mount? Made with a rich unpasteurised goat’s milk, this is a soft lactic cheesewith a delicately fresh flavour when young, becoming more robust with age. Great addition to a...
£4.99 £5.99
White Lake Cheese

Rachael Reserva

What Is Rachael Reserva? Highly Commended Award - Artisan Cheese Awards 2021 Gold British Cheese Award 2019                                    ...
White Lake Cheese

White Heart

What Is White Heart? White Heart is a heart shaped version of the White Nancy. This cheese is a popular favourite which was originally made as a Valentine’s present, with a mild flavour and a...
£6.50 £7.95
White Lake Cheese

White Nancy

What Is White Nancy? Named after a hill located in the village of Bollington, Cheshire - White Nancy is perfect for a cheese topping on a celebration cake. This cheese is a popular favourite, with...
£14.50 £15.95
White Lake Cheese

Little Lilly

  What Is Little Lilly? With a mild creamy flavour this cheese is perfect for baking and dipping. Little Lilly is a brie-style cheese with a bloomy rind and is a vibrant white in colour....
White Lake Cheese


What Is Longbow? While being made from the same curds as the White Nancy, the Longbowdefinitely holds its own. Boasting a more condensed texture and a distinctlemony flavour, this mild and creamy goat’s cheese is...
White Wood
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White Lake Cheese

White Wood

What Is White Wood? This lactic goat’s cheese log has a soft, white, silky, bloomy rind, providing a hint of mushroom flavours that come through the tangy, smooth paste. Made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian...
White Lake Cheese

Baking Dish for Cheese

a perfectly sized dish for baking the a range of our cheeses into a gooey puddle of deliciousness. This dish is perfect for using with our Brie, Solstice, Equinox, Little Little and Little She. To...
White Lake Cheese

Eve 120g

Ripe and Ready - Delicious What Is Eve? Gold Award Winner - British Cheese Awards 20192 Star Great Taste Awards 2020                             ...
£5.95 £6.95
White Lake Cheese

Tor 150g - Ripe and Ready t...

3 Star Great Taste Award 2019 Tor is a beautifully crafted fresh lactic goat’s cheese and formed in a pyramidshape, compressed in texture. Tor has a unique geotrichum rind and dusted with ash to add...
£5.95 £7.95
White Lake Cheese

Who Me? - Halloumi style ch...

Some underweight portions available at a reduced cost. What is Somerset Goat Halloumi? This halloumi style cheese is made up of 100% goat’s milk. Our Somerset Goat's Halloumi is incredibly delicious, with the perfect amount...
White Lake Cheese

Naked Rachael Reserva (appr...

Love goat's cheese and looking for a unique cheese to blow your mind - this is the cheese for you. There are regular Rachael Reserva portions available on the shop as well, but we thought...
£2.99 £6.80
White Lake Cheese

English Goat Curd 200g

What Is Goat Curd? Gold Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021Best in Category Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 This is an extremely versatile, light, clean and fresh flavoured cheese, becoming increasingly popular as it has...
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