Cow's Cheese

All of our cow’s milk cheeses are made from the highest quality Guernsey cow’s milk locally sourced from a neighbouring farm. By using the creamiest milk, our cow’s cheeses have the most mouth-watering flavours and textures. Browse our cheeses by milk, texture, awards or recipe suggestions

White Lake Cheese

Bagborough Brie

What is Bagborough Brie? An excellent example of a mild and distinctly creamy brie made from Guernsey cow’s milk. It goes without saying that added to a bacon sandwich, this cheese will delight your taste...
White Lake Cheese


What is Solstice? Not only is this one of the customer favourites, but it’s one of ours too! Made from Guernsey cow’s milk sourced from a neighbouring farm, the rich milk gives this cheese a...
White Lake Cheese


This lactic semi-soft cheese has a stunning and vibrant colour, made from Guernsey cow’s milk and boasting a delicate creamy and soft texture.  This truncated shaped cheese stays firm and easy to cut for cheese boards. Made with...
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