Cow's Cheese

All of our cow’s milk cheeses are made from the highest quality Guernsey cow’s milk locally sourced from a neighbouring farm. By using the creamiest milk, our cow’s cheeses have the most mouth-watering flavours and textures. Browse our cheeses by milk, texture, awards or recipe suggestions

White Lake Cheese

Bagborough Brie (Organic)

What Is Bagborough Brie? Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 An excellent example of a mild and distinctly creamy brie made from organic Guernsey cow’s milk. It goes without saying that added to a bacon...
White Lake Cheese

Morn Dew (Organic)

What Is Morn Dew? 3 Star Great Taste Award 2019Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 This semi-hard cheese has a stunning and vibrant colour, made from Guernsey cow’s milk and boasting a delicately creamy,...
White Lake Cheese


Slightly underweight What is Solstice? Bronze Bath & West British Cheese Award 2019Bronze Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 Not only is this one of the customer favourites, but it’s one of ours too! Made...
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