Award Winning Cheese

A section dedicated to our recent award winning cheeses.

White Lake Cheese

Pavé Cobble

Slightly underweight What Is Pavé Cobble? 2 Star Great Taste Awards 2019 British Cheese Awards - Supreme Champion 2017 This uniquely truncate shaped cheese has a soft and springy texture whichbecomes meltingly creamy with age....
£6.25 £7.80
White Lake Cheese

Sheep Rustler

What Is Sheep Rustler? Supreme Champion - Bath & West British Cheese Awards                                         Silver Award...
White Lake Cheese


What Is Rachel? Gold Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020                                                   ...
White Lake Cheese


What Is Driftwood? 3 Stars Great Taste Awards 2021 Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 Silver Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020 1 Star Great Taste Awards 2020 Driftwood is a beautifully creamy and...
White Lake Cheese

Rachael Reserva

What Is Rachael Reserva? Highly Commended Award - Artisan Cheese Awards 2021 Gold British Cheese Award 2019                                    ...
White Lake Cheese

Morn Dew (Organic)

What Is Morn Dew? 3 Star Great Taste Award 2019Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 This semi-hard cheese has a stunning and vibrant colour, made from Guernsey cow’s milk and boasting a delicately creamy,...
White Lake Cheese

Eve - Lightweights

What Is Eve? Gold Award Winner - British Cheese Awards 20192 Star Great Taste Awards 2020                                       ...
£5.45 £6.95
White Lake Cheese

The English Pecorino

What Is The English Pecorino? Supreme Champion - Bath & West British Cheese Awards 2019                               Silver Award - World Cheese...
White Lake Cheese


Slightly underweight 3 Star Great Taste Award 2019 Tor is a beautifully crafted fresh lactic goat’s cheese and formed in a pyramidshape, compressed in texture. Tor has a unique geotrichum rind and dusted with ash...
£6.45 £7.95
White Lake Cheese

Oak Smoked Cheddar 190g

SECOND PRIZE AT DEVON COUNTY SHOW 2019 From the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, the only cheddar actually made in Cheddar. Genuinely smoked – rare these days, cheddar which will remind you of warm autumn bonfires....
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