Introduction to Your Cheese


White Lake Cheese is an award-winning artisanal cheese producer in Somerset. Our cheesemakers work very hard on creating new recipes and even innovating methods to expand our wide range of cheeses; available in our online store and many farm shops and wholesalers around the country.


One of the interesting things about artisanal cheesemaking is that you find unique textures, flavours and even colours that you aren't likely to find in your commercially manufactured cheeses in the local supermarket.


Our semi-hard cheeses such as English Pecorino, Morn Dew, Sheep Rustler, Rachel, etc, often boast vibrant mould colours across the rind, beautiful and eye-catching. From bright yellow to earthy brown tones. These colours are nothing to be alarmed about and are a natural mould expected to form on these cheeses. If you don't particularly enjoy the flavour of the rind passing through to the cheese as you cut down, you can simply cut away the rind before cutting into the cheese. 




Our ash coated lactic (softer) cheeses such as Driftwood, Tor and Pavé are sensational to look at as well! The ash coating presents such a unique colour and visual texture that makes them a truly wonderful addition to any cheese board. These cheeses may also develop new colours on the rind as they mature. From grey or blue to yellowy or green-ish tones, this is again a harmless mould that you may expect to see forming on the cheese. 




Our Solstice soft cheese boasts a flamboyant orange and yellow rind. All of our rinds are natural and they can vary slightly in appearance. Should you have any queries on the colours or textures of your cheese, you can always get hold of us via social media and we're always more than happy to assist.