Frequently Asked Questions


As much as we love to hear from our beloved cheese customers, please browse our FAQ’s below first.

Should your question not be answered, feel free to use the Contact Us link and send across your query.


Where can I buy White Lake Cheese?

The easiest way to get hold of our cheese is simply to head over to our online shop and place your order for delivery.


Unfortunately, we do not have a shop or the ability to take payments on site.  All orders, must be placed on our website.  The nearest shop to us with a very good range of our products is Thorners Farm Shop, which is less than 0.5 mile away from us. 


You can also find our cheese makers at the following Farmers’ Markets: Queens’ Park - London; Stroud; Frome Farmers Market; Martock. But keep an eye on social media as we tend to visit food festival events as well.


Our cheeses are bought largely in wholesale - it’s very difficult to keep track on where our cheese is being sold - feel free to tag us in posts where you see our cheese on sale! 


I'm new to artisanal cheese, I have questions on the appearance of my cheese

Artisanal cheese can vary greatly in appearance from the cheese you find in the supermarket. Some of our cheeses boast wonderfully vibrant colours. For more information on the appearance and caring for your cheese, follow this link 


Do you sell wholesale?

We do! Please feel free to email the orders team at to get your account set up.


Can I set up a Trade Account for my business?

If you follow the Trade tab at the top right of the page, you will be able to fill in a Trade Shop application form and we'll go from there.


Can I collect cheese from the farm?

You can indeed, however, we cannot take payment on the farm. You will need to place your order online, once the payment has been completed we will email you with the details on when your order will be ready for collection.


Do you have a farm shop at White Lake Cheese?

We do not currently have a shop on the farm. If you are local, and you purchase cheeses online in our store, you can schedule your collection from the farm. But we don't handle any cash or transactions on the farm directly so payment would need to be made online.


Will my cheese arrive ripe and ready?

While we always aim to send out cheese that is ripe and ready to be eaten, sometimes it's not possible and your cheese may arrive slightly young. 

Use the below table and the Use By date on the back of your cheese to to decipher when you would like to eat your cheese.