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If you are new to our website, welcome! Whether you’re a turophile, and simply new to our products, or a novice wanting to expand your taste in fine artisan cheese, we’ve put together our Best Sellers range all in one place as a fantastic starting point in choosing your White Lake Cheese selection.

White Lake Cheese

Sheep Rustler

What Is Sheep Rustler? Supreme Champion - Bath & West British Cheese Awards                                         Silver Award...
White Lake Cheese

Pavé Cobble 180g

Slightly underweight still 100% delicious. What Is Pavé Cobble 2 Star Great Taste Awards 2019 British Cheese Awards - Supreme Champion 2017 This uniquely truncate shaped cheese has a soft and springy texture whichbecomes meltingly...
£6.50 £7.80
White Lake Cheese


What Is Rachel? Gold Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020                                                  ...
White Lake Cheese

Driftwood 215g

What Is Driftwood? Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards 2021 Silver Award - World Cheese Awards 2019/2020 1 Star Great Taste Awards 2020 Driftwood is a beautifully creamy and soft textured cheese. Dusted in ash,...
White Lake Cheese

Solstice Ripe and Ready to eat

What is Solstice? Solstice is usually 200g, these are underweight and so have been slightly discounted. You can still expect the same creamy and delicious taste from this wonderful cheese! Bronze Bath & West British...
£4.95 £6.95
White Lake Cheese

Eve 120g

Ripe and Ready - Delicious What Is Eve? Gold Award Winner - British Cheese Awards 20192 Star Great Taste Awards 2020                             ...
£5.95 £6.95
White Lake Cheese

The English Pecorino

What Is The English Pecorino? Supreme Champion - Bath & West British Cheese Awards 2019                               Silver Award - World Cheese...
White Lake Cheese

Fetish 200g Portion

What Is Fetish? 1 Star Great Taste Award 2020Silver Award - Global Cheese Awards This is our take on the well-known Greek style cheese. Matured in brine for 3-4months, this cheese has a pleasantly rounded...
White Lake Cheese

Tor 150g - Ripe and Ready t...

3 Star Great Taste Award 2019 Tor is a beautifully crafted fresh lactic goat’s cheese and formed in a pyramidshape, compressed in texture. Tor has a unique geotrichum rind and dusted with ash to add...
£5.95 £7.95
White Lake Cheese

Olive Wood Cheese Board - C...

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