Sheep's Cheese

Our Ewe’s milk cheese selection boast wonderfully creamy and sweet flavours. Made in the heart of Somerset on our cheese farm, our ewe cheese’s have won many awards across the board.

White Lake Cheese

Burrow Mump

What is Burrow Mump? Burrow Mump is a semi-hard cheese, with a compressed texture and a sweet and nutty flavour. Aged for approximately 8 weeks and regularly washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. Named after a...
White Lake Cheese

Sheep Rustler

What is Sheep Rustler? This is an ewe’s milk version of our well-known, much-loved and widely celebrated, Rachel cheese. Sheep Rustler has also gained it’s own reputation as a multi-award-winning cheese. This is a semi-hard...
White Lake Cheese


What is Fetish? This is our take on the well-known Greek style cheese. Barrel aged in brine, this cheese has a pleasantly rounded flavour. Crumble on top of a jacket potato, a salad or stuff...
White Lake Cheese

Little She

What is Little She? This is a soft white cheese with a bloomy rind. Made in the style of a brie or Camembert, this cheese will soften as it ripens.Little She has a mild flavour...
White Lake Cheese

Pavé Cobble

What is Pavé Cobble? This uniquely truncate shaped cheese has a soft and springy texture which becomes meltingly creamy with age. Coated lightly in ash to create the geotrichum rind and leave a very subtle...
White Lake Cheese

English Sheep Curd

What is Sheep Curd? With a creamy and savoury flavour, this is a soft and fresh cheese made from sheep’s milk. A perfectly creamy addition to pasta sauces, dips, ravioli, risotto and cheesecakes, to name...
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