Hard Cheese

All of our hard cheeses that are available online can be found here. Choose from our award winning selection.

White Lake Cheese

Sheep Rustler

What is Sheep Rustler? This is an ewe’s milk version of our well-known, much-loved and widely celebrated, Rachel cheese. Sheep Rustler has also gained it’s own reputation as a multi-award-winning cheese. This is a semi-hard...
White Lake Cheese


What is Rachel? Rachel is our most well-known cheese. Having won multiple awards over the years, it’s rather obvious why. Rachel is not your typical Goat’s cheese. It’s a semi hard, washed rind cheese with...
White Lake Cheese

Rachael Reserva

What is Rachael Reserva? A longer matured member of the White Lake family (minimum 12 months). This cheese is matured in the Alpine style, with a full, rich and complex flavour. This beautiful cheese goes...
White Lake Cheese

The English Pecorino

What is The English Pecorino? This creamy textured, semi-hard cheese has a beautifully well-rounded and subtle nutty flavour (mild in comparison to many of our cheeses) and an eye catching yellow rind. English Pecorino is...
White Lake Cheese

Baby Katherine

What is Baby Katherine? Baby Katherine is a smaller individual hard cheese matured over approximately 2 months and regularly washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. This cheese is firm in texture with a complex and savoury...
White Lake Cheese

Burrow Mump

What is Burrow Mump? Burrow Mump is a semi-hard cheese, with a compressed texture and a sweet and nutty flavour. Aged for approximately 8 weeks and regularly washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. Named after a...
White Lake Cheese


What is Katherine? The size of this cheese gives it slightly more depth and it is matured for 3 months resulting in a more robust flavour and becoming ‘fruitier’ with age. Katherine is also regularly...

Barber's 1833 - Vintage Res...

Sold in wedges of approx 190g Barber’s 1833 is made using traditional starter cultures and the finest West Country milk. Aged for at least 24 months, only when one of the Barber family judges it...
White Lake Cheese

Naked Rachael Reserva (appr...

ove goat's cheese and looking for a unique cheese to blow your mind - this is the cheese for you. There are regular Rachael Reserva portions available on the shop as well, but we thought...
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