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Naked Rachael Reserva

Naked Rachael Reserva

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Due to lockdown we find ourselves with too much stock of this amazing cheese.

So we have decided to remove the rinds and cut the cheeses into smaller chucks and offer them at a special price.

These packs of cheeses (may contain multiple small pieces) are full flavoured and extra mature, so perfect for cooking with or delicious if you like your cheese with bit of a punch 😋

What Is Rachael Reserva?

Gold British Cheese Award 2019

A longer matured addition to the White Lake family (Minimum 12 Months). This cheese is Alpine in style, with a full, rich and complex flavour.

This beautiful cheese goes well grated on pasta’s, salads, atop almost any meal.
Try it grilled on toast or in a sandwich to truly transform your lunchtime.

Made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

Product Information
Milk : Goat
Unpasteurised : Yes (Thermised)
Rennet : Vegetarian
Style : Semi-Hard, Washed Rind (Brine)
Weight : Approx 200g
Origin: Somerset



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