Olives and Nuts

Mr Filberts gourmet nut recipes are hand crafted using a unique process roasting them in their own oils for a healthier and tastier alternative, while the olive snacks are marinated in fresh natural ingredients following traditional Greek recipes.

Mr Filbert's Pitted Green Halkidiki olives (65g) flavoured with chilli and black pepper.
Mr Filbert's

Mr Filbert's Pitted Green H...

Greek Halkidiki Olives are famous for their crisp texture and great taste. Marinated in Chilli and Black Pepper they are the perfect snack for anytime of day and can be enjoyed straight from the pack.SUITABLE...
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White Lake Cheese

Barber's Popped Cheddar - 2...

Popped Barber's Cheddar are 100% Cheddar and Zero carbs! Perfect with a Craft ale, pint of cider, glass of wine or tossed over a salad as replacement for croutons. And 100% delicious!
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