Bini Fine Foods

Bini Fine Foods specialise in producing finished frozen ready to heat luxury traditional Indian home cooked curries. All of their curries are multi award winning 12 Great Taste Awards Taste of the West Champion Product Award 2017.  The dishes have a 10 day shelf life (defrosted).

Bini Fine Foods

Delhi Matar Paneer

Cubes of paneer cheese and sweet garden peas cooked in a spiced tomato, yoghurt, lemon & fresh coriander based sauce. A family favourite from the capital city of India. 375g. The curries are suitable as...
£4.95 £7.65
Bini Fine Foods

Gujarati Vegetable Rice

A traditional Gujarati savoury spiced rice dish, with sweet bursting peas, vegetables and freshly chopped coriander. Suitable for vegans and gluten free. 300g.
£3.25 £4.99
Bini Fine Foods

Gujarati Toor Dal

A traditional golden lentil soup, cooked in a sweet-sourspiced masala with freshly chopped coriander. It is a staple dish eaten in every Gujarati family home. 375g. The curries are suitable as a very generous portion...
£4.45 £6.25
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